Our Philosophy

We are passionate about creating beauty. We believe this happens through the objects we place in our homes, but also in the gathering of friends around the table, a gift kindly given, or a candle lit in celebration of the simple rituals of everyday.

Our collection is handcrafted, unique, and, as much as possible, ethically sourced.  We support small businesses all over the world, bringing you items we feel are so special from makers in Africa, Morocco, India, Tunisia, Canada, the United States and beyond. We love small business; when you support us, you support women and families all over the globe. We believe there is no better way to make our own lives beauty full than by passing that beauty on to individuals and families and all who set foot through our doors.

We are so grateful to be in the Webster Groves neighborhood of St. Louis and serving our surrounding communities since we opened our doors in 2021. It has been our goal to make beautiful wares for the home accessible to as many people as possible. We are thrilled to launch our new online shop for all of you here in 2023.

Meet Our Founder

Amy Kuntz is the Founder, Owner and Creative Director of Forth and Home. A native of Saint Louis, Amy began creating beauty from a very young age. From rearranging rooms, cooking meals, styling tabletops, refinishing furniture, and helping friends style their homes, Amy knew bringing joy to people through beauty was her calling.

Each piece in the shop is handpicked by Amy and her team. Whether a handmade vase, interesting art print or a unique vintage find, at Forth and Home every detail matters. The goal: Quality pieces that last through time and trends, are well-priced and something you won’t find everywhere you look.

When not in the shop or out sourcing goods, Amy is probably in the kitchen or at the Botanical Gardens near her home. She spends her time searching for the best food in St. Louis, traveling to unique places, hanging with friends and family and fostering newborn babies. Owning Forth and Home is her best adventure yet. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported her vision.